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Announcing Choose Tech

Web development is truly amazing; there are a billion ways to achieve the same thing. It's both its strength and weakness... until now?

Web development has truly become incredible. The evolution between the creation of the World Wide Web and today is just monstruous (in a positive way)! I haven’t coded for so long compared to many other devs out there (almost 4 years) but even at this scale, there were important revolutions.

Even though that’s really good, it comes at a cost: choosing the right tech. Yes it’s awesome to have 2M packages available on NPM but at some point you need to know what’s best for you and your company. And this is hard.

I really like initiatives such as roadmap.sh , powered by the OSS community, that aims to provide guidance in this wide ecosystem.


Before actually talking about what is Choose Tech, I’d like to give credits to David Dahan for his project UI Lib picker . I basically wanted to make it fully generic.

What’s Choose Tech?

Choose Tech is a resource portal. It allows devs to pick a tech for their next project more easily.

Repos under the Choose Tech organization are owned by their respective communities, eg. javascript-libraries is managed and maintained by JS/TS community members.

That allows core members of CT to focus on improving the website and tooling for contributors while the community focuses on content.

Speaking of tooling, Choose Tech is powered by Astro and its powerful integration API . It allows contributors to deal with a minimal boilerplate.

How can I help?

Choose Tech provides the tools but without the community (you!), it’s nothing. That’s why I need your help:

  1. For existing comparisons, we need more resources and help better categorizing them. That’s managed by comparisons’ maintainers
  2. For missing comparisons, create an issue and I’ll add it!
  3. Give visibility by sharing project on social media

That’s all for me, enjoy and start browsing !

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