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Hi, I'm Florian LEFEBVRE

I'm a French self-taught fullstack developer. I enjoy designing and creating beautiful, functional websites as well as mobile apps. I've been coding for more than 2 years now. I've been working on op-ent lately, a French open-source school management system.

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About me

I am a French student in my first year of university, studying web development, design and communication. I've been coding since late 2019 on my own time and have already completed 13 projects. One of my hobbies is playing drums and percussions in several bands.

At 13...
I started to learn how to code with Unreal Engine 4 using blueprints.
At 15...
I got into web development by making my first website using simple HTML and CSS.
At 16...
I started working on yNotes, a mobile app made with Flutter with already more than 7k users.
At 17...
I know all the tools needed to build apps: frontend, backend and mobile.

Get in touch

If you wish to talk, or chat about an existing / upcoming project, feel free to reach out with any of the below methods.

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French self-taught fullstack developer.

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