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Florian Lefebvre


Fullstack developer. Freelancer. French.

Open-Source lover. Astro core maintainer. Two-time winner of the Astro Community Award.

00:00:00 Central European Time.

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I'm sad to announce that I've decided to shutdown Choose Tech.
Shutting down Choose Tech


Younger, I managed a computer fleet before giving game development a try with Unreal Engine 4. In late 2019, my curiosity led me to self-taught exploration in web development. Despite my independent learning, I enrolled early 2023 in a Le Wagon bootcamp, where I obtained certification as a web designer and developer.

I learned a lot of things along the way: web development, UI/UX design (mobile apps, design systems), project management, devops and more! I’m curious and eager to learn new things.

Web development isn’t my sole passion; I also have a deep love for playing music! I’ve been honing my skills with various instruments for over a decade, including drums, percussion, bass guitar, and even a bit of piano.

Playing drums at a concert in 2019
Playing drums at a concert in 2019



I'm a frontend specialist with good knowledge in backend, UI/UX, and DevOps. I'm dedicated to crafting seamless, efficient, and user-friendly solutions.


I care about creating delightful interfaces, crafting pixel-perfect, responsive designs, paying attention to accessibility, and optimizing performance for an exceptional user experience.

Custom Astro Integrations


Astro Integrations allow to hook into the build process, dev server, and more. As a maintainer of Astro and numerous integrations, I can help you create one tailored to your needs.

Backend & CMS

I have a solid proficiency in backend development including SQL knowledge. I like to work with Git-backed headless CMSs to create scalable, personalized content architectures.


I specialize in UI/UX, crafting efficient and intuitive interfaces that prioritize a seamless user experience, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.


I prioritize strong CI/CD workflows with GitHub Actions, set up previews on Vercel/Netlify, and create sharable dev environments with Docker Compose.


I can make cross-platform applications, seamlessly extending functionality across mobile, web, and desktop platforms for a unified user experience.

Good practices

I advocate for establishing best practices from development to production, ensuring less bugs will reach production.

If you're intrigued by what you've read and interested in collaboration, feel free to explore my contact details!



Screenshot of the website home page
Sep 2023 - Now
Saturday Quiz Time
A weekly 25 question quiz delivered to you via SMS every Saturday.

In this Astro site, I’m migrating Vue components from Options API to Composition API. I also introduced TypeScript , Prettier and more goodies!

Screenshot of the website home page
June 2023 - Now
Legis Music
Royalty-Free music licensing and related articles

I’m in charge of migrating this site from Wordpress to Astro : migrate all the data, make it i18n-friendly, plug in Tina CMS and redesign it using Tailwind .

Screenshot of the Stats page
May 2023 - Aug 2023
Detailed insights and stats for your Discord account

Given the initial idea, I imagined the whole interface using Figma and crafted it with Tailwind . This offline-first cross-platform app built with Next.js , Capacitor and Tauri was a challenge.

Screenshot of the Token Analyzer page
Apr 2023 - May 2023
Smart contract auditor

Given a mockup, I built the frontend using Next.js and Tailwind . A big part of the work was focused on performance because of numerous API calls, helped by Tanstack Query .

Screenshot of the website home page
Feb 2023 - Mar 2023
Collaborative resource portal

Resources portal built with Astro SSR, React , Tailwind and Directus . It features advanced filtering, an interactive map, all synced to the URL for easy sharing.


William Rainbird

saturdayquiztime.com.au owner

Florian is an absolute pleasure to work with. Despite living on the other side of the world, communication has been great and he’s always been super responsive and eager to help out or give professional advice. Initially brought on to help me maintain a project, he’s improved the website tenfold, and I’ve also learned a lot myself in the process.

Pablo Olondriz

legismusic.com owner

Florian is a super talented and skilled developer. I’ve been working with him for many months now and has helped me to reach the next level in my online business: always helpful, always responsive and on top of that, he’s a very good person. He’s become an essential part of our work operations since I met him.

Simon Lefort


Florian is a highly competent and creative freelancer in his field. His excellent communication skills during projects and his human qualities have made him my first choice for almost a year when I have an interface to design or implement.

More projects

Screenshot of the databases comparison
Launched Nov 2023
Resources portal for developers

Help developers choose the right tech for their next project. Built with Astro (SSR + VT), Tailwind and Alpine.js .

Screenshot of a meal plan
Mar 2023
Cooker AI
Let the AI find cooking ideas for you

This for Le Wagon’s bootcamp final project. I was my group’s dev lead. We built this using Ruby on Rails , Tailwind and Chat GPT.

yNotes running on mobile, tablet and desktop
Oct 2020 - Mar 2022
Unofficial client for French schools apps

I did a lot of things for this project: from the website with Nuxt and Tailwind , via mobile app mockups with Figma , to maintainer with Flutter !

Screenshot of the home page
Nov 2021
Showcase website

That’s the website that actually got me started back in 2019! I’ve made several improvements since then: it’s now powered by Astro , Tailwind and Tina .

There is much more! But the page is getting long already, so here are a few links: Portfolio , op-ent , Nuxt3 Medusa starter , shortcuts-app , Glutton Runner

Feel free to reach out if you're looking for a developer, have a question or just want to connect. I may be able to take new missions depending on my availability (top-right indicator).