Miyamoto: a smart contract auditor

What if there was a way to detect vulnerabilities in smart contracts (Web3) and get an AI-generated audit?

Screenshot of the token analyzer page
Screenshot of the token analyzer page


Miyamoto is a smart contract auditor. It allows to get insights on a given smart contract, such as OHLC (Open-high-low-close chart), the last 100 transactions and the most important: insights on security.

Indeed, a smart contracts can contain vulnerabilities such as risks of external calls. This app allows to generate an audit with AI based on this vulenrabilties to suggest ways to fix them.

My role as a frontend freelancer was to build the BETA app based on Figma mockups. I had to interact with APIs provided by other freelancers working on the project.

To achieve this goal I used the following technologies:

Project has been shut down since then.

Purpose and Goal

This project was quite important for me as it was my 1st real experience as a freelancer! I’d already worked for people but people I knew so relationships were not purely professional.

The goal for this project was to have a really good frontend, both design and performance wise, while following the Figma design. It was pretty enriching and I think I reached the objective!

Spotlight: OHLC chart

When I first saw the Figma design, I was really worried about doing the chart. Such thing is really complex. So I built it by hand using a lot of relative and absolute positionning… of course not! Just used a cool library for this. This CodeSandbox was really useful to get started.

It was not to hard to setup and I got the data to display through an API, nothing to crazy. Eventually it was mostly about customization and it’s probably still not perfect, but that’s a beta so that’s fine.

For the few issues I encountered, reading the types in VS Code, reading the docs and searching GitHub issues was definitely helpful.

Current status

The beta has now launched. To be honest, I don’t have much insight since I’m not the project owner.

But even without more information, web3 investors and smart contract developers are the most likely to be interested in this web application.

Lessons Learned

I learned a few things in this project:

  • Be transparent: if you don’t know something, just say it. For instance I don’t know anything about Web3 so I needed some help when interacting with the API
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions: related to the previous point
  • Take initiatives: everything is not defined from the beggining. For instance, the Figma mockups don’t show hover states, intermediary breakpoints layouts etc…
  • Overestimate the time you need: you always need more time than expected. A few bugs remain, you’re waiting for other people’s work… Play it safe!

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